Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Steering Buddy weigh?

It weighs less than 17 lbs! It is lightweight and easy to handle. It’s a game changer when only one crew member can easily maneuver the race car.

Do you have to shut it off after you get loaded up?

No, the unit goes into sleep mode when there is no activity.

Is the phone app extra cost?

No, all units come with a hand controller and phone app.

Is the phone app available for Android users?

Yes, we will email you the app.

Can it be used on multiple cars?

Yes, we just need to set it up to work on the car with the smallest window bar opening.

Will the SB hold the wheel straight once the car is on the pit lift?

Yes, the SB will keep your wheel from moving left to right whenever someone is working on the front end.

Can a SB be used for setting the caster?

Yes, now setting the caster can be done by one crew member.

Does it come with a battery? What types of batteries are used?

No, you use your own battery (DeWalt, Milwaukee, or Kobalt)

How soon can we ship after the order is placed?

We try to ship within 3-5 business days.

Do you have an Asphalt version?

Yes, it attaches to the steering column with a tier-drop clamp designed for the Steering Buddy.